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  Domain Software, LLC., a leader in domain name software and domain analysis, will be releasing its newly designed corporate website shortly. The new layout and design will allow current and future customers to find the information they need and products they want quickly and efficiently. Along with the new website, a new customer manager will be released. From it, customers will be able to login to their account and view information relating to their products; including new updates and product news.

A new product will be released as well; a searchable database of expired domain names, PendingDelete domain names (soon to expire domains) and RedemptionPeriod domain names (on hold domains). The new domain name database will include many new features, including popularity and estimated resell values of each domain name.

Lastly, a new version of our Domain Grabber series (Automatic registration software) will be released by the end of the summer. Pricing for the new registrar version has not been established. More details, including the registrar itself will be released as the product reaches its release date.

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