PendingDelete Domain Name Database

Our PendingDelete Domain Name Database currently contains domains. It is updated every day of the week with all the domains that will be expiring over the next several days. To access our database, you will purchase how many times you wish to download the entire database.

So, for example, if you purchased access to download the database 3 times, then you will have 3 slots to download the database anytime you want on anyday you want! After your first download, you will have 2 remaining download slots. Each database is uploaded in a .TXT file and you will have access to all 5 databases when you purchase a download slot.

*NOTE: Access to the database includes access to: Expired domain names, Pending Delete domain names, Redemption Period domain names, On Hold domain names and Pre On Hold domain names.


  • Updated everyday!

  • Able to download until your purchased slots are used up!

  • Date when domain name expired (Expired domain name database)

  • Date since on hold (On Hold / Pre On Hold domain name database)

  • Day domain name will expire (Pending Delete domain name database)

  • Database Preview:

  • Pre-Hold Download (PREVIEW)

  • Hold Download (PREVIEW)

  • Redemption Period Download (PREVIEW)

  • Pending Delete Download (PREVIEW)

  • Expired Download (PREVIEW)

  • Price: Access:
    $29.95 1 time download
    $39.95 2 time download
    $45.95 3 time download
    $54.95 4 time download
    $63.95 5 time download