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Enterprise software solutions at consumer prices.  Just another way we do things!

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WHOIS Analyzer

WHOIS Analyzer allows users to compile their own domain name lists for: PendingDelete (soon to expire), RedemptionPeriod (on hold) and expired (available) domain names. For PendingDelete domain names, WHOIS Analyzer will tell you the exact day each domain name will drop and become available for registration; WHOIS Analyzer will tell you the day a domain name has entered RedemptionPeriod; and WHOIS Analyzer will tell you what day a domain name has expired on.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Coded with multi-threaded connections for fast processing!

  • Average rate of 30-80 submissions/second!

  • Supports Hold, RedemptionPeriod, PendingDelete and Expired domain names!

  • Hold / RedemptionPeriod domain names include date since on hold

  • PendingDelete domain names include soon to expire date

  • Expired domain names include date of expiration

  • Price: $69.95

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    WHOIS Analyzer WHOIS Analyzer WHOIS Analyzer WHOIS Analyzer

    WHOIS Analyzer WHOIS Analyzer WHOIS Analyzer WHOIS Analyzer

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